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COVID-19 surcharge. In order to keep you our valued customer and our employees safe, we are not accepting returned boxes and we are delivering in brand new boxes. Fruitastic is unfortunately unable to absorb the full cost and we are charging a temporary surcharge of $2 for every $55 spent. Please note this is only a temporary charge as we do our bit to stop the spread of COVID-19.
You can order on our website. Please click here to get ordering, and please feel free to chat with us on the live chat if there is anything you need answered asap, or shoot us an email at with any special requests or queries.
We deliver to most suburbs once a week, however some of the busy ones receive a delivery twice a week. Our online ordering system will advise the delivery day and date right after you place the order and before check out. Choose the date that best suites you.
No. No contracts, no subscriptions. Simply order what you want when you want.
We only charge for delivery if the order is below $40, or if you live outside of our delivery area (which is huge). So, zero delivery fee for orders above $40 for the areas we service weekly.
No. Our drivers can leave the goods by the front door. We have never had an issue with hot weather, theft or anything of the sort in 15 years, so the odds are very good. You can also leave us a message upon check out such as “please leave the box on the back porch
We buy all our produce the morning of your delivery, and we ensure we only buy the absolute best produce each and every day for each delivery. We do not supply small produce just because the price may be cheaper online, or perhaps add a second- grade line of produce in the mix to maximise on profit. The best. The freshest. Each and every delivery. Week in. Week out. 15 years and going strong.
That’s the beauty of using our service. We don’t stock any produce. We buy your produce direct from our growers the morning of your delivery. True Fresh!!
Please give us a call as soon as you identify an issue with your delivery and we will replace or refund (your call) as soon as possible. Although this is highly unlikely as our drivers and packers take incredible care with your delivery, fruit and veg are very delicate items and this may just occur.
Well. You’re on the web right now and it’s all just a click away, so please feel free to see how we fare. We do a market analysis 3 times a week, and adjust our prices accordingly, although some of the big players loss lead on a number of items just to get you in the door ( so we don’t play that game), however we are very fair and reasonable and our prices are more than competitive.
It’s all by the kilo really, however we know there are approximately 5 bananas as an example in a kg of bananas that we purchase, so we split the per kilo price into an individual unit to make the whole ordering and packing process of your order as simple and efficient as possible. And rest assured, the customer always wins. If we think the produce is a little small, we simply add an extra at no extra charge to you.
Yes. Simply choose your products, and the system will then guide you through the check out. One of the options will be to choose the frequency of that particular order you are currently working on, be it One Time (you only wish to have that one particular order delivered on the day you specify) Fortnightly Recurring (as the name suggests) or Weekly Recurring (as the name suggests)
Yes. Top right of screen you have a log in with all your dash board at your fingertips. Simply choose to place an order on hold one week, delete a standing order, change the order around, add items to one particular delivery into the future. The choice is yours.
There are no invoices within the delivery itself, however you will find a packing slip to check things off. Invoices can be found on our web site in the My Account section after you have logged in. They will all be there, filed nicely for when you need to call them out.
We Use Eway, the worlds most trusted and most secure payment gateway for ease of paying via credit card for a one time order, weekly and or fortnightly occurring. For the ease and convenience of placing a weekly or fortnightly order, Eway sets up a token for your payment, so there are no credit card details held anywhere other than with eway and your card will be debited the day before delivery. We also offer Paypal for all orders other than recurring.
We only pack items such as baby spinach and salad mix etc into plastic bags which unfortunately for the time being is unavoidable, however these bags can be used over and over and over again.
Our boxes are just that. Recycled cardboard boxes. Lids included to keep your produce protected from the weather.
Oh yes please!!! Did someone say recycle boxes? We strongly urge each and every customer leave the previous weeks box our for driver collection the morning of your next delivery. We have some boxes that have been used for well over 15 deliveries. Mind you, we do ask you keep the in good nick, however easily achieved if we are all on the same page.

From all of us at Fruitastic, have a great day. We hope to have answered your questions here, however if you are still left unsure about something, please feel free to talk to us on our live chat right now which can be easily found on the left of screen, or simply give us a call on Free Call 1800 378 482 and we can answer your questions and chat about what ever you wish.