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Get ready to say goodbye to overpriced, lacklustre produce, and hello to the freshest, highest-quality fruits and veggies on the block! As a small family-owned business based in Mount Martha, we've been leading the charge in home delivery for almost two decades. Our secret? We take the time to carefully source and select only the best ethically-grown produce, with 99% of it sourced from local and interstate growers. And with deliveries made the very same day the produce reaches us, you can be sure that what arrives at your doorstep is nothing short of amazing. Plus, with free delivery on all orders $40 or more, you'll be getting incredible value for your money. So why settle for mediocre when you can join the family and enjoy the best produce around? Place your order today and experience the difference for yourself!! 

Our mission

Our day starts at midnight to ensure we lock in premium grade fruit and veg for delivery to your home, school, office or just about anywhere our customers need a delivery, and truth be known, we do send them all over this beautiful state of ours.

First and foremost we want to ensure more and more Australians have access to great quality fresh produce and we are super excited when the youngest members of our community receive their orders first thing on a Monday morning at a Childcare center or school. We are here to ensure no fresh produce goes to waste and truly know and believe that serving fruit and veg direct from the farm in it's freshest possible condition, before it reaches any cool room or refrigerator is always going to taste better and be enjoyed a lot more than the supermarket produce. 

We deliver in our beautiful company boxes that are reusable and recyclable cardboard as we are firm believers we should all do our part in reducing our footprint on the environment and only package items that MUST be packed in plastic bags when necessary. 

Fruitastic is all about fresh produce enjoyment without all the logistical nightmares that go with modern day larger scaled business and supermarkets so each and every one of us can eat healthier, greater tasting produce.

Saving you time, money and helping the local farming community sell their produce is what we are all about. 


Our Company

Australia's first online fruit and veg store - Victoria's Premier Fruit and Veg Home Delivery Service

Our service started way back in 1993. Its taken on many changes and a few faces, and we are proud to be one of the Pioneers in Fruit and veg Home deliveries in Melbourne. In 2005 Fruitastic was formed and remains an Australian family owned and run business, setting the benchmark for fresh fruit and vegetable deliveries and changing the way consumers buy fresh produce.

We are leading the way in the fresh fruit and vegetable delivery industry. Fruitastic have for many years now, been purchasing Premium Australian Grown produce daily from the Melbourne Wholesale Markets and delivering with free delivery, to hundreds of schools, homes and child care centers direct.

We do not have a retail outlet, which enables us to provide a service many of our competitors, (even the big ones) could only dream about. We provide a service whereby we purchase, pack, and deliver on the same day, to hundreds of happy customers on a daily basis. Our setup and systems in our warehouse enable us to check each individual piece of fruit and vegetable being delivered for bruising, markings, etc. With no retail outlet, we hold no old stock, ensuring you the consumer only has the best, freshest produce delivered. We only buy what we need for each day.

Our staff are trained, passionate fruit and veg experts, with a keen eye for detail.

Our deliveries are packed in recyclable boxes which we ask you leave out for collection on the day of your next delivery, ensuring we do our bit for the environment. Oh!! Did we mention this also saves you the consumer on packaging costs and additional charge?

The benefits of using Fruitastic for your fruit and veg needs in Melbourne far outweigh the few minutes it takes to set up an account, or running to the markets yourself.

Our service is simple. Premium fruit and vegetables delivered, direct from the growers to your door. 

With over 150,000 pieces of fruit and vegetables delivered each week, our number 1 goal is ensuring all our clients receive the best Australian Grown produce available in the Melbourne markets on any given day.

What We do

It's quite simple really.

We do our job the best we can, to ensure you have more spare time to do the things you love.

Our business is built on trust and strong relationships. Relationships with our farmers and growers, and our customers.

We have created a bridge and platform of expertise to inform, educate and supply our customers with in season, locally grown Australian produce and fruity facts, tips and tricks to have the whole family enjoying Fruitastic produce all year round.

The power and control is then placed in your hands to order with confidence knowing you will receive great quality value and freshness the very next day from a company passionate about fruit and veg.

Our team are highly trained in identifying great quality eating produce. We will only pack into your delivery what we too would want to take home to our families.

Another added bonus of using our service is we give you free educational content throughout our social pages to know what's in season, and how to cook, store and prepare incredible meals and lunch box snacks the whole family will love.

Please like our social pages and subscribe to see what's up next.

Why Choose Us

Australian Family Owned

Supporting local business that knows you is what we are all about. We understand you better than the big corporate Supermarkets. We ensure you're not only receiving great quality produce, but a true old fashioned tailored service and system built around integrity and trust

100% Natural

All our products are 100% natural. Just the way nature intended. We should all be striving to eat less processed and packaged goods, and aim for 2 & 5 (2 fruit and 5 veg serves per day )

Best Quality

We make no compromise on quality. We only buy Australian grown and the absolute best quality available within the Melbourne Markets. Our produce looks and tastes as good as the photos displayed.

Fast Delivery

We only buy what we need to fill the daily orders on the day they are delivered. Therefore, it's most likely your produce was in the hands of the grower just hours before it's delivered to you.

Online Order anytime

Shop at your convenience, be it on the train, at home, or office. Set up an account and choose to have a standing weekly order, or one-time order, Post pone or cancel set orders. The power is in your hands.

Fruity Social Blogs

Our Social media blogs and videos give weekly tips on everything fruit and veg, and a whole lot more. How to store, serve, cook and enjoy for the whole family. Kids aren't eating enough fruit and veg? We have some tips and tricks to make it happen.

Our Growers and Suppliers

JOSEPH NAPOLEONE supplier detailsJOSEPH NAPOLEONE supplier details


Director (VIC)

Dedicating his life's work to the family business, Joe is a respected industry figure and leader of the Red Rich Fruits Management Team and Board of Directors.
MICHAEL NAPOLEONE supplier detailsMICHAEL NAPOLEONE supplier details


Director (VIC)

Growing up working in the Red Rich Fruits orchards, Michael identifies growth opportunities and drives business expansion for the Victorian arm of the business.
Paul Gazzola Supplier details Paul Gazzola Supplier details

Paul Gazzola

(Fresh Farm director)

Paul and Andrew currently operate the family business and 550+ acre farm at Somerville which employs over 50? staff and harvest crews.

We deliver fuit & veg to most suburbs of Melbourne


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