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Do you need Morninton Peninsula fruit and veg delivery or fruit and veg delivery Melbourne and suburbs. Perhaps its just fruit delivery in Melbourne? We have you covered.

Fruitastic is your premier Mornington Peninsula family owned fruit and vegetables online delivery service Melbourne and beyond. We supply fruit and vegetables to homes, offices, schools, and childcare centres. If it's a fruit box for the workplace delivered, or a large fruit and vegetables delivered box that you're after or you want to choose your own market fresh fruit and vegetables, Fruitastic is for you.

We are one of the pioneers of online fruit and veg in Australia, with a history of over 400 years of farming and provedoring fresh produce world wide.

Our service started in 1993 and has taken on a few different faces when finally Fruitastic was formed in 2005. Our team buy from local farms and growers at 2am, pack and deliver to your kitchen or door step that same day. Supplying Melbourne's freshest produce for less.

Give us a go and we will change the way you buy fresh produce online.

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Weekly Specials

  • Apple - Pink Lady

    Apple - Pink Lady


  • Apple - Pink Lady(KG)

    Apple - Pink Lady(KG)





  • Mandarin (KG)

    Mandarin (KG)


  • Beans (500g)

    Beans (500g)


  • Beans (1kg)

    Beans (1kg)


  • Cabbage Chinese (whole) (WOMBOK)

    Cabbage Chinese (whole) (WOMBOK)


  • Capsicum Red (XL)

    Capsicum Red (XL)


  • Lettuce Iceberg

    Lettuce Iceberg


  • Zucchini (kg)

    Zucchini (kg)


  • BokChoy (Shanghai)

    BokChoy (Shanghai)


  • Broccoli



  • BROCCOLINI (bunch)

    BROCCOLINI (bunch)


  • Cauliflower (whole)

    Cauliflower (whole)





  • Capsicum Red ( KG)

    Capsicum Red ( KG)


  • Capsicum Green (KG) QLD

    Capsicum Green (KG) QLD


  • Milklab- Almond Milk  1ltr (BOX containing 8 x 1ltr Bottles )

    Milklab- Almond Milk 1ltr (BOX containing 8 x 1ltr Bottles )


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Value box

Simply the best value fruit and vegetable boxes available for delivery. Saving you hundreds of $$$ per year.



Simply the best value of Fruit and Veg boxes available. Saving you hundreds of $$$ per year. We pack so much goodness, variety and most importantly plenty of fruit and veg into these boxes, the whole family will be thrilled. Menus change weekly.

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About Us


About Us

Fruitastic is a classic elucidation of how vision and perseverance of a small team of individuals can impact lives of thousands. We are extraordinarily simple people with one elementary goal; deliver garden-fresh fruits and veggies to every household in Victoria.

Just how fresh ?