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The Fruitastic service is very simple, so we have very simple and easy to understand terms and conditions. 


We have no written contratcs, but can and do have verbal contracts with our clients. Either way, all customers using our service are bound by our terms and conditions. 


Fruitastic will do its best to ensure the freshest, best available produce is purchased for your delivery, and ensure your produce is in the best possible condition upon delivery. 

however, as fruit and veg are very delicate, there may be a bruise from time to time, or an internal issue we are unaware of with your produce. 


we ask you please contact us within 24 hours of delivery for a full refund or replacement of the affected fruit. We ask you simply take a photo and email it to us at , and no further questions will be asked. simply advise when you would like your replacement or refund. 


Our Service for homes attracts no delivery fee if the order is above our minimum spend, or your order will attract a flat $8 delivery fee. This is also the case for schools and childcare centres with only one location, and not a part of a group buying program or 3rd party buying. 

For companies utilising our service delivering to more than one site, the delivery fee of $8 flat rate applies to each delivered site, however, this fee will be waved if orders span fairly consistant (regular budget) from the start of a new year to the end of that year. (Jan -December) If for what ever reason the service stops due to no wrong doing of Fruitastic, we will backdate and charge the delivery fee of $8 for each of your sites delivered to from the start of January that year, to the last delivery. 


We strive to do our very best in ensuring our service is of a premium standard, and we ask you treat all our staff, from drivers and packers, phone staff and management with respect and common courtesy. We also ask you notify us of any dangers associated with delivering your goods, ie. dnagerous dogs etc. Falure to comply with these last two points may leed to us ceasing your service with no notice. 



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