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MARKET REPORT Well, we now have just three weeks to go before Christmas The imminent return of summer just a few days ago has launched us into the delectable stonefruit season. Ever popular peaches, nectarines and apricots are now in plentiful supply and are gracing our boxes offering a refreshing bite to our menus. Plums are just a week or so away and will be available on our web site once their quality is proven. As we do draw closer and closer to the end of yet another fabulous year , we are blessed with amazing weather conditions, and if the weather bureau has it right, the next few months will also be very favourable for growers across the country. So what does all this mean for us all? Well!! AMAZING PRODUCE. GREAT TASTING PRODUCE! PRODUCE PRICES THAT ARE VERY CHEAP AND REASONABLE IN THIS DAY AND AGE! Cherries , Grapes, Blueberries and Raspberries are this weeks new additions to the menus and they too are simply irresistible. They are locally Grown in Victoria and are perfect treats for the warmer days ahead. Other delicious favourites that can be ordered are magnificent mangoes, succulent strawberries, rockmelon and pineapples and passionfruit that is sweet and ready to eat . As mentioned above , the much sought-after grapes have finally made their way back into the market this week. Their a little pricey, their $$$ value should drop over the next few weeks, however the quality will only improve as the weeks go on. Navel oranges have been replaced with the summer Valencia variety as they are now a much tastier, juicier orange that will also hold for longer in the fruit bowl. Iceberg lettuce, cucumbers, capsicums, corn, zucchini, beans, tomatoes, butternut pumpkin and spinach are all sensational vegies that are highly recommended this week. Its time to get those BBQ’s out of the garage, and with bbq’s we suggest you keep them simple. Some fresh lamb or chicken tenders work best with warmer weather, and make the most of all salad items. Drizzle a little freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice and fresh parsley on your salads, some thyme on the lamb and you will be praised by the entire party. To top it all off , forget about the frozen cheese cakes. This summers winner is all about fresh summer flavours. Fresh seedless watermelon, rockmelon, honeydews, some kiwi and cherries, along with locally grown Victorian Strawberries and a scoop of fresh vanilla icecream (May I suggest Dairy Bell Icecream as its our favourite here ) quite simply a fruit salad of the very best in season value for money fruit that’s bursting with flavour and a cheeky serve of icecream . Just can’t be beaten. On a closing note, don’t forget we also supply Freshly Squeezed premium Apple and Orange Juice and Our South Gippsland Free Range Eggs are arguably the best available Eggs in Melbourne at the moment . From all at Fruitastic Bon Appetite and see you soon . REGARDS, JIM KOLOKITHAS FREE CALL: 1800 FRUITASTIC 1800 378 482
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